Pumpkins face paint

Even if you don’t celebrate the Helloween holiday, some ideas may come in handy. Pumpkin is ideal for creative experiments in decor, you need only a little inspiration and fantasy. Nowadays, there are many ways to decorate face of pumpkin pattern: from simple projects to high-quality artistic designs using modern pumpkin face paints. Embody any idea, and the festive mood will be provided to you.

So, before you start making pumpkin face paint makeup on Halloween, prepare everything you need. First of all, you will need a lot of orange pumpkins face paint. Professional makeup is not mandatory. To make the skin on the face orange, it is enough to use paints of this color. Today is feature of the entire gamut, from tender peach to fiery.

Orange shades in pumpkins with painted faces makeup should be combined with saturated black color. For this, shadows of such a shade and a marker are suitable: it has a thicker applicator, unlike the classic.


Pumpkin face paint makeup

Pumpkin makeup is a pretty popular idea for Halloween. In order not to accidentally meet someone with a similar image, we recommend doing art makeup.

  1. Apply a tonal cream to your face.
  2. Then select the cheekbones with the sculpting powder.
  3. Circle the areas under your eyes with a black sub.
  4. Draw several pumpkins in each zone with orange face paint.
  5. Paint the remaining areas with black shadows.

If you do not want to depict pumpkin on your face in the literal sense of these words, we recommend simply using the appropriate palette of paints. Do not forget that harmony can be achieved only by thinking through all the details. Try to think over them beforehand.

In Halloween, strands can be painted in orange with paint that does not injure hair and is easily washed away with shampoo. You will look bright and unusual.

How to draw pumpkin faces with paint?

There are many tools for drawing patterns of pumpkin on the face, while each of the tools will have its own characteristics. As the means by which the colorful composition can be formed, the following are distinguished:

Decorative cosmetics. This means is very effective and convenient to use since the components are designed to be applied to the face. Such formulations are most often hypoallergenic, but some parents do not believe that the agent can be used for pediatric skin. As a drawing element, bright mascara, lipstick, powder, shadows of unnatural or unusual colors can be used;

Аquagrim. This is the main instrument in the hands of the face art professional. This agent is completely harmless and does not cause any allergic reactions during the whole process of drawing pumpkin faces with paint, which allows to be used it even for the most delicate pediatric skin;

Water-based markers. Use markers only when you want to draw clear lines or make a complex pattern. Water markers are harmless to the skin, but sometimes, they can be difficult to flush;

Food dyes. This is the only drawing tool that should be prepared in advance. To prepare the agent, a common baby cream should be mixed with a food dye of the desired color to obtain the desired tint. This drawing technique is also used quite often, since it does not cause any negative reactions in the body.

Children’s aquagrim, for the most part, is completely safe for children. However, before decorating the pumpkin faces with paints of a native child, you need to make sure that they are safe. The paints must not contain black hen. It’s a dangerous carcinogenic drug.

When applying funny makeup, water is used. It must change after the end of each drawing. Otherwise, a small, sometimes even inconspicuous, skin disease of one baby will easily find new owners. The same rule applies to tassels. They must be thoroughly washed after each pattern applied.

Contraindications to aquagrim application

  1. Despite the fact that aquagrim is made high-quality hypoallergenic face paints, there are a number of denials.
  2. Aquagrim should be abandoned if there are rashes or wounds on the child’s skin. Children under three years old. This is due to the fact that they are small and simply will not be able to sit and wait for the master to do his job.
  3. Do not risk allergic reactions. To be reinsured, you need to apply paint to the back of the palm. If there are no problems, you can calmly start painting the face.

Different ways of drawing pumpkin face paint

To apply pumpkin aquagrim, you need to have a palette of basic colors, several types of brushes, sponges, a glass of water, stencils with asterisks, hearts and flowers, jars with sparkles, a mirror, wipes for wiping hands and hands. All listed items can be bought in a special set for aquagrim or purchased separately. The quality of pumpkin face paint directly depends on the consistency of the paints.

When applying pumpkins with painted faces, it is important to choose soft, elastic brush, with rounded ends.

  • Rounded brushes are most often used, but they also have different sizes and thicknesses. They allow you to change the thickness of the lines and draw sharp corners.
  • A fan-shaped brush can cover a large space. They have a wide swab and thinner edges.
  • Rounded flora brush is most often used to apply tears, flower petals and other lines.

Tools with synthetic fibers are significantly inferior in softness and subtlety to brushes with a natural base.

To create unusual pumpkin drawings on the faces, you will have to buy special face paints for aquagrim, brushes, sponges or small sponges, water dishes. For some drawings, rhinestones will be needed, it will be especially good to look with such shiny objects of aquagrim for girls.

Pumpkins with painted faces

Pumpkin is one of the most popular symbols of autumn. And drawing pumpkin with painted faces is a wonderful way to imbue the spirit of Halloween. Take a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser. Painted pumpkin can be used as a stencil for applying a pattern to the surface of the fruit.

Phased drawing of pumpkin face paint:

  • Draw a circle that will become the main face. It should not be completely round, but slightly flattened. Make the lines thin so that they can then be wiped with an eraser.
  • Now you need lines of symmetry. Draw vertical and horizontal lines that divide the circle into 4 parts.
  • Now you need to draw facial elements: nose, eyes, and mouth. And the main figures with which you can do this are triangles and circles.
  • The simplest nose and eyes can be drawn with equilateral triangles.
  • The mouth is made with arcuate lines.
  • With the help of circles, crescent eyes are easily drawn.
  • For a complex picture, you need to add vertical lines, like a real pumpkin. They will divide the fruit into large rounded segments-slices.
  • In the final step, add a half-shade to make the image look voluminous.
  • Color the picture.

Pumpkin with a carved grinning face is a traditional Halloween attribute. According to legend, pumpkin drives evil spirits away from home.

Pumpkin faces with paint

Pumpkin is not only a useful vegetable, but also a symbolic Halloween dish. On this night, everyone will put a pumpkin on the table with a carved face, which will add even more entourage to the celebration.

  1. Choose only ripe fruits in the store, which still do not have a very hard peel. This will help you more easily cut out the emotions of the pumpkin.
  2. Examine the fruit for damages or rotten places to keep the pumpkin standing longer.
  3. Cut the pumpkin tail or cut the bottom with a sharp knife.
  4. Now we are moving to remove pulp and seeds from pumpkin. You should do it with a spoon with sharp edges.
  5. Draw a muzzle on a pumpkin with the emotion that you like most.
  6. Cut the muzzle with a sharp knife along the contour you made.
  7. To make the muzzle longer beautiful, lubricate the sections with wax.
  8. If the pumpkin began to tighten, you can put it in the water for several hours.
  9. You can grate the pumpkin from the inside with cinnamon or nutmeg so that there is a pleasant autumn aroma.

The most common pattern on a pumpkin is considered a face mask. The pumpkin face with paint can be both cheerful and good-natured, as well as a terrible or vicious scream.

Pumpkin is one of the most important symbols of the “terrible” holiday. The night from October 31 to November 1 cannot take place without this important attribute. Drawings and pictures on pumpkins can be different – depending on fantasy and creativity. Cutting out the pumpkin for Halloween in the form of terrible monsters or good horns – a great pleasure for both adults and children.

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