Halloween pumpkin face paint


For thousands of years in October, different peoples have celebrated various holidays and festivals. Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world. Halloween is a holiday that all children love. It is the most popular in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland. Although it is not state, in popularity in these countries the holiday is second event after Christmas. On this day all people change into unclean power and funny costumes, create Halloween pumpkin face paint, go to their neighbors and ask for candy. The name of the holiday does not come from “hell.” Halloween is an abbreviation of the phrase “All hallows ween.”

In addition to unclean suits, there is a tradition of “trick-or-treat” when children go home and beg for candy. There are still various divinations.

Today from an ancient heathen holiday there are amusing enthralling traditions. In night on November, 1 it is accepted to get dressed in the suits of impure force and arrange masquerades. Ancient sense of Halloween drops off after these entertainments – holiday intriguing, enigmatic and mythical meaningful.

Despite the fact that Halloween takes its origins in Britain and Ireland, it has successfully spread to both English-speaking countries and Europe, Japan, the island states of the Pacific Ocean.

Pumpkin face paint for Halloween is always in demand

For the first time, wearing masquerade costumes for Halloween was registered in 1895 in Scotland – then children in masks and carnival costumes were walking from house to house and received sweets and money.

Pumpkin face paint for Halloween is the most well-known symbol of holiday. On a vegetable cut out a terrible ugly face or make the lantern of Jack from a pumpkin. On legends, he helps the souls to find a road in that world. It is now considered that he drives away bad fairies from a house. Apartments also decorate other ominous symbolic – artificial spider web, caldrons, figurines of witches, ghosts and vampires. Traditional colors on Halloween – orange and black. They symbolize a transition from a heat to the cold.

Each sign is the main symbol of Halloween – an ominously smirking pumpkin with an unkind prank.

There are Halloween pumpkin face painting ideas:

  • It should be noted that the vegetable will not very old, since otherwise its peel will be very hard. Also, pumpkin should be without rotten places and damage.
  • To make an unusual pumpkin, you must first cut off the top of the pumpkin or its bottom. Then remove the insides: use a spoon with sharp edges to scrape seeds and flesh from the pumpkin. Then you can take the pattern stencil you want to make and puncture the pattern along the contour with a needle or thin seam. After that, take a sharp knife and cut out all the necessary elements, and Halloween scary pumpkin face paint using your fantasy.
  • Note that such an item of decor is not stored for long – only 3-5 days, so it should be done immediately before the holiday.
  • For those who want to make a creative pumpkin, cut out its windows and doors, and put another small pumpkin inside and paint it.
  • You can leave pumpkin just orange, as everyone knows, orange color improves mood. Or paint the pumpkin in the color that you think is the most suitable for the holiday and your ideas.
  • Pumpkin face paint for Halloween can be with using of aerosol paints. Completely, or covering part of the pumpkin with sticky tape, in order to obtain a geometric pattern. You can paint with a brush and acrylic paints.
  • You can also paint pumpkins with various patterns and it will also turn out very interesting.

Halloween scary pumpkin face paint

A very simple lesson in drawing a terrible pumpkin on Halloween. It will appeal to both children and older artists.

  1. Draw a circle and define the direction of the face with lines.
  2. We outline the pumpkin from above, drawing the corresponding bends.
  3. Add the tail of the Halloween pumpkin.
  4. Halloween scary pumpkin face paint with neat spots.
  5. A picture of a terrible pumpkin on Halloween can be painted in orange.

Halloween is a very ancient holiday that is popular in many countries of the world. Many artists know about how to draw Halloween, first of all, those of them who create greeting cards. Of course, with this holiday, almost all people associate pumpkins, black cats and everything that is associated with witchcraft. Therefore, in order to learn and understand how to paint Halloween pumpkin face, you need to try to convey in your drawing an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism.

Halloween pumpkin face paint
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