Pumpkin face paint cheek


The most important symbol of the holiday is pumpkin. This vegetable you can most often be seen in thematic drawings dedicated to the celebration of Halloween.

It is believed that on this day all the impure power goes “for a walk,” so on this day a lot of people dress up in various costumes and create accordingly make up – pictures of pumpkin face paint cheek.

Especially children love this holiday. They are waiting, as they want to convert into some kind of ghost or vampire, wearing a terrifying suit and pumpkin face paint makeup. To make such makeup, you will need either a special face paint or a “mother” cosmetic.

Makeup can be divided into two parts:

  1. artistic makeup – this or that image is created using special colors;
  2. plastic makeup – special linings that are attached to the face with glue. These can be masks on the whole face or individual details that create a voluminous, beautiful effect on the face.

How to paint pumpkin face on cheeks

The symbol of this holiday is pumpkin, in which various terrible muzzles are carved. Why not convert to such a symbol! Solid orange tone, black eyes and lips and your image is ready.

Makeup turns out to be beautiful, light, looks bright and raises the mood of others:

  1. We apply an orange aquagrim to the face with a uniform layer (this will be the basis for make-up, named pumpkin face paint on cheeks).
  2. With black eye pencil, we draw the contours of the pumpkin and its transverse strips.
  3. The area around is drawn in dark color.
  4. Lips are also painted black. If you need to create a more intimidating look, then draw sharp teeth.
  5. To complete the image, tie the hair in several bundles, bind them with orange thin ribbons and insert green sheets cut from paper into the middle. And it will be especially beautiful if the ends of the ribbon are twisted.

Pumpkin face paint make-up

Aquagrim is not a classic makeup, it is made both for girls and boys. In order for reincarnation to please both parents and small participants in the holiday, several important rules must be:

  • For preschoolers, it is better to choose sweet and unusual makeup, rather than scary, so that the child is not afraid himself and does not frighten other children.
  • It is not necessary to paint the entire surface of the face for a very long time. It is enough to select 2-3 zones, for example, forehead and cheeks.
  • In order not to tire the child, you can take a couple of breaks during the drawing, as this is a long and painstaking process during which the small model will have to sit still.
  • When choosing makeup, you must coordinate it with the child himself, so that the result does not end in tears and disappointment.

For baby girl, for example, the image of pumpkin face paint on cheeks will be very suitable.

  • Take paint or theater makeup and draw the pumpkin outline on the child’s face. It should grab eyebrows, cheeks and the top of the chin. Using different shades, create a smooth gradient from light yellow to bright orange. Color intensity increases from the center to the edges.
  • Use brown paint to apply longitudinal curved lines. They will imitate the pumpkin sectors.
  • Using black underwater or gouache paint apply triangular eyes and carved mouth of future festive pumpkin face paint cheek.

It all depends on fantasy and skill, as well as the presence of cosmetics, paints of appropriate colors and shades.

Pumpkin face paint cheek
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