Pumpkin face paint child in a real life


The celebration of Halloween implies the specific design of the house and some territory outside it (a courtyard, if it is a private house, or at least “your” part of the staircase, if an apartment). In principle, the purpose of such a design is not to “scare” those who dare to approach your door, but to show that you are participating in a general show, so you can safely call or knock – you will give “spirits” a handful of sweets. The main attribute of Halloween is, of course, pumpkin.

So that in the process of drawing a pumpkin there were no unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to prepare the necessary materials for the drawing. If there is no thick paper, you can take a sheet of cardboard with a rough surface as a basis.

How to create a pumpkin face paint small? To start with a simple pencil, an oval sketch is created, after which several vertical lines are carried out from the top of the shape to the bottom. Thus, the contours of the future pumpkin are indicated. At the top of the vegetable is drawn a tail. Its paths can be marked as a rectangle, rounded corners.

How to make a pumpkin face paint child with a pencil so that the drawing turns out to be neat? To do this, slowly remove the lines of the previous sketch. During work, you need to try not to rub paper, which can extremely negatively affect the appearance of the finished work.

Pumpkin face paint small illustration

Halloween is a great opportunity for girls to feel like real princesses or heroines of any cartoon. In creating a full-fledged image at home, makeup will help, which does not have to be frightening. It can be vice versa, beautiful, light and cute.

A lot of entertainment is available to modern children, for example, children’s aquagrim is very popular. This type of body art is safe because of the special composition of colors and is very in demand at children’s parties. Most drawings on the face parents can do on their own, but you need to know the rules for applying paints and features of this technique.

One of the specific holidays that adults and children have been actively celebrating in recent years is Halloween. The image on this day must be special, so make-up as children’s pumpkin face paint, turning them into exciting player characters.

As a pumpkin – the main symbol of Halloween and one of the favorite makeup options for girls, which can be done at home. Makeup of pumpkin face paint small turns out beautiful, light, looks bright and uplifts the mood of others:

  • On the face with a uniform layer, we apply an aquagrim of orange color (this will be the basis for makeup).
  • With a black pencil for the eyes, draw the contours of the pumpkin and its transverse strips.
  • Draw the area around the dark color.
  • Lips are also painted black. If you want to create a more frightening look, then draw sharp teeth.
  • To complete the image, we tie the hair in several bunches, bandage them with orange thin ribbons and insert green leaves cut from paper into the middle. And especially it will be beautiful if the ends of the tape twist.

Children’s pumpkin face paint

If you’re stuck looking for simple ideas to draw a face on Halloween, try a pumpkin pattern. Suitable for both girls and boys, face paint in the form of a pumpkin is frightening simple, and it can be obtained with the help of only a few belongings to draw a face. You can even add to your children’s pumpkin face paint a glitter if you want adventures.

There are many ways to draw a pumpkin on your child’s face, from cute to scary drawings.

Some ideas how to paint a child pumpkin face.

To perform a beautiful and light children’s makeup, it is important to use special water-based paints. Ideas for drawing a pumpkin face for a light Halloween outfit, as well as a step-by-step guide to paint a face.

  1. Make sure your child’s face is clean and dry. Using a makeup sponge, apply orange face paint to the child’s face in a circle. Leave the border in front of the hair line.
  2. Now that you have the basis of pumpkin design, add some detail using yellow face paint. Again, using a makeup sponge, apply yellow in straight lines in an orange circle.
  3. Use a brush to draw a green stem on top of the pumpkin. You can apply sparkles with a brush or spray a little straight from the pan – they stick very well to the still wet face paint.
  4. Now let’s take care of the eyes of the pumpkin. Using a brush and black face paint, draw a triangle around the eye. Then fill it out. Repeat the same with the other eye.
  5. For the pumpkin’s mouth, first draw a long black line on both sides of the mouth, and then draw a row of triangles above that line. Fill them out. Draw another line of triangles below the guide line of the mouth. You’ll get a great jagged mouth effect.
  6. Using a thin makeup brush and black face paint, swipe around the edge of the pumpkin and circle it. Also draw the stem and add a few shadow lines up and down the pumpkin to make it look more realistic. Then, using a different thin brush and this time white paint, add a few highlights.

There are many interesting and unusual drawings. Remember the most important thing is your creativity, and the drawing to choose only you and your children.

Pumpkin face paint child in a real life
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