Pumpkin face paint easy. Just try!


Young children love the excitement of preparing for Halloween. Help children create flashlights safely by involving them in drawing choices. If your child wants to play a more active role, ask him to draw a face on the pumpkin. You can then cut out the facial features to create a lantern based on its design. Depending on your child’s age, you can talk about the perfect sizes for facial features. You can even specify or use a pencil to indicate areas of pumpkin where you can draw elements.

Pumpkin face paint for Halloween, this is the same symbol of the holiday as numerous costumes, specific dishes and terrible stories. With the advent of a pumpkin with a candle inside, the magic inherent only in this holiday penetrates into our house, and everything acquires some special, mystical meaning.

This beautiful, colorful holiday was at first the prerogative of the inhabitants of the western part of the world, but now Halloween is becoming a truly global entertainment… Back to our pumpkin.

It is simply impossible to forget about pumpkin on the eve of Halloween. There are many articles, photos and recommendations on Halloween pumpkin cutting methods and techniques on the Internet. Pumpkin face paint easy – can say everyone who enjoys this event. Almost everywhere it is said that there is nothing difficult in cutting out a funny or terrible birthing from a pumpkin. However, if you ever tried to make Jack’s lamp on your own, then you probably faced a number of problems.

Easy pumpkin face paint ideas

Below you can find some easy pumpkin face paint ideas of drawing the holiday fruit:

  • Mark the pumpkin as a real face. Draw a vertical line of symmetry of the face – it will divide the pumpkin into two equal parts and a horizontal line of eyes.
  • Now draw the facial features. Remember that they are rather roughly cut out of the dense pulp of the pumpkin, the outlines should be angular and sharp. The nose looks like a triangle, the eyes like semicircles with carved edges, the corner mouth like a snake.
  • Color is not the most important thing that can be in a pumpkin. Carefully examine her, the fresher she is, the better.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the shape, try to choose a pumpkin with the most rounded shapes. Oval, flattened or any other shapes may be interesting in general for decor, but cutting on them will be much more difficult.

Gripping pumpkin face paint

And now the most difficult thing is cutting out the pumpkin face. In order for you to get the most original and impressive pumpkin for Halloween, you need to stock up on patience. Think what exactly you want to cut out of the pumpkin. Whether it will be a classic face or something else, if still a snout, then which one: fun, angry or surprised.

Before you start cutting, look at the pumpkin again, make sure that the drawing comes up for all your requirements, if you don’t like something, use cotton wool and alcohol, carefully erase the marker and remake the drawing on your pumpkin.

You will not call the cutting procedure easy, the preparation of the pumpkin takes time, patience and accuracy. However, it will be difficult only the first time, and each next pumpkin face paint will turn out to be more accurate than the previous one.

Don`t not hope that the procedure for cutting out the pumpkin for Halloween is over. There are still long 12 hours ahead that it will take to dry the pumpkin. And only then it will be possible to put a candle inside and cover the pumpkin with a carved lid.

Pumpkin face paint – easy occupation

What to do if a pumpkin of perfect shape cannot be found? Do not despair and turn on your fantasy. Even if you decide that you will cut out the pumpkin face, you can fantasize and do something unreal and unusual, and a pumpkin of irregular shape will only help you in this. Prepare the pumpkin, remove the seeds and carefully clean the flesh. Draw the future eyes and mouth of the face. And now use vegetable cleaning and just clean the peel from these places. Now you can use a sharp knife with a short blade and carefully cut out your eyes and turn a pumpkin into a charming monster with an equally charming fangled smile. When the peel from the pumpkin is cut, it will become much easier to cut, so you will not have difficulties with creating voluminous of sharp teeth. Pumpkin face paint is easy, when you have an imagination, ideas and a sense of humor.

The Halloween pumpkin doesn’t have to be scary at all! It should be just a pumpkin with a candle inside, and what kind of character it will have and the expression “face,” it is up to you.

Pumpkin face paint easy. Just try!
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