Pumpkin face paint ideas in a celebration

On the night of October 31 to November 1, one of the oldest holidays in the world is celebrated – Halloween. This ancient Celtic celebration has an interesting history, original traditions and funny attributes. The festival strangely combines two traditions: honoring evil spirits and worship of all saints.

In the USA, Europe and Canada on this day it is customary to change into costumes of evil spirits, arrange masquerades, create pumpkin face paint ideas light fires and build lamps from pumpkin.

Pumpkin is the main attribute of Halloween. On a ripe fruit, celebrators, as a rule, cut out sinister muzzles and insert a candle inside, building a kind of lantern. The custom of making vegetable lamps arose in Ireland and Great Britain. Celtic monks made them from turnips, beets, pants and used to expel evil spirits.

Initially, this ritual had nothing to do with Halloween, but in the 19th century North America made it the main tradition of this holiday. Only instead of these vegetables began to use pumpkin, as it symbolizes the time of harvest. The Americans called the pumpkin lamp Jack-O-Lantern and made it the official Halloween symbol.


How to make a pumpkin for Halloween – pumpkin face paint ideas

Inflicting a picture is possible straight on a pumpkin. For this purpose, it is needed to prepare a fruit, pumpkin faces ideas for painting, and also brushes and paints. For the comfortable causing of picture, choose a fruit with a smooth surface without spots and external damages. Do not use garden-stuffs with the signs of rotting and then she will make happy you much longer.

Any important case needs to be started with the project, and pumpkin carving is no exception. Before to take up a knife, think of, what you wanted to see on a vegetable The most popular Halloween decoration – pumpkin carved in the form of a head – is creepy, but funny.

Pumpkin faces ideas for painting

Halloween pumpkin face paint ideas for drawing an image of pumpkin face:

  • If you do not like the natural shade of the fruit, you can paint it in any color, and then paint the main image.
  • Make the sketch a marker.
  • Apply the paint so, that each layer has time to dry until the next one is applied.
  • The use of a stencil can facilitate the process.
  • Those who do not know how to draw straight lines will be helped by a camouflage ribbon. Just put it to the fruit and draw a line.
  • Decorate the painted pumpkin with decorative elements.
  • Placing the finished pumpkin in the room, install it so, that the incoming one sees its front side. When placed outside, ensure that direct sunlight does not hit the fruit.

Creation of Halloween pumpkin face paint ideas

Halloween is the time of traditional pumpkin products and pumpkin faces ideas for painting. They will decorate the house, bring comfort to it, and will also become an interesting addition to the scenery.

  1. First you need to choose a pumpkin. It can be a decorative, very small pumpkin or large. It all depends on the plan.
  2. The best pumpkin for staining is smooth, without cracks and scratches on the peel, although it all depends on fantasy.
  3. Before painting, wash and wipe your pumpkin with napkins. Next, you need to decide on the pumpkin face paint ideas.
  4. Next, you should determine what the color of the pumpkin itself will be, on which we will apply our drawing.
  5. It is best, first of all paint the whole pumpkin with white paint, so that any other silt is already applied yellow, orange, pink. Then our paint will become brighter and more expressive, and will not shine.
  6. Paint the pumpkin with a neat, do not use thick layer and wait until it dries, 5-10 minutes. Then you can turn or twist the vegetable and paint other walls or apply another layer.

If this is not enough, with the help of glue you can add ribbons, sparkles, stickers, autumn leaflets. Turn on the fantasy of Halloween pumpkin face paint ideas!

Everyone has scary pumpkin face painting ideas before holiday

It is very easy to create the image of a hero for a Halloween holiday using scary pumpkin face painting ideas for aquagrim on the face of a child or an adult.

When cutting out a pumpkin for Halloween with your children, be careful when cutting holes, no matter what tools you can use for this. You can slightly enhance the effect of “pumpkin emotion” by initially painting each berry white and black. Black pumpkins, of course, will be on the side of evil (and therefore they will rock their curved teeth), and white pumpkins will be on the side of good (these, of course, will smile cute passers-by).

By applying a little creative fantasy, you can create a unique theater of emotions from pumpkins! Your pumpkins, thanks to you, will be formidable and harsh, or they will smile complacently to your guests! You just need to change the angle of the smile and the shape of the eyes.

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